No secret information on this page, but if you’re not a playing member it’s unlikely to interest you.

Access for rehearsals

We rehearse in Ealing Green Church, Ealing Green, W5 5QT. Access is via the main front door, once a keyholder has opened up. We have the church from 1920 to 2220, with playing from 1935 to 2205 latest. There’s no parking at the church itself (the few spaces there are for the adjacent flats), but Grange Road is available from 1930.

The final rehearsal before a concert is often held at the concert venue; see the schedule below.

Rehearsal Schedule:

For February 15th St Barnabas:
RACHMANINOV: The Miserly Knight prelude
RACHMANINOV: The Isle of the Dead
3*.3*.3*.3*: T.2(BD.Cy): Harp: Stgs
RACHMANINOV: Francesca da Rimini (opera)
3*.3*.3*.2: T.3(Cy.BD.T-T): Harp: Stgs. 5 vocal soloists, chorus

Thursday January 9th
Isle, Francesca

Thursday January 16th
A. Isle
B. Isle, Francesca 2nd half

Thursday January 23rd
Isle, Francesca

Thursday January 30th
Isle, Francesca

Thursday February 6th
A. Miserly Knight, Isle
B. Francesca

Thursday February 13th (St Barnabas Church)
Rehearse 2045 – 2215, following Youth Orchestra
Please arrive 2020 and sit quietly at the back until 2030
All Francesca

Saturday February 15th, St Barnabas Church
1415: Francesca first, then Miserly Knight
1630: Isle of the Dead

Saturday March 7th
Brill chamber concert

Saturday March 14th, St Barnabas
CONCERT ELGAR Introduction & Allegro, PROKOFIEV Piano Concerto 3, SCHUMANN Rhenish

Saturday April 25th (St Saviour’s Church, St Albans)
CONCERT for St Albans Chamber Choir (strings)
Alessandro SCARLATTI: Dixit Dominus, HANDEL: Dixit Dominus

Saturday May 16th, St Barnabas
CONCERT DEBUSSY Iberia, SCRIABIN Vers la flamme, Paul CARR Saxophone Concerto, COPLAND: Symphony No. 3

Sunday July 5th
ESO chamber concert (St Mary’s Perivale)

Saturday July 11th, St Barnabas
CONCERT inc LLOYD & SIBELIUS 2nd Symphonies

– – Summer break if nothing extra – –

2020-21 dates not confirmed, but unlikely to change

Thursday September 3rd
First 2020-21 rehearsal

Saturday October 3rd (venue TBA)

Saturday December 5th, St Barnabas Church

Saturday December 12th, Ealing Green Church

Thursday December 17th
Christmas party

Thursday January 7th 2021
First 2021 rehearsal

Saturday February 13th, St Barnabas

Saturday March 27th (venue TBA)

Long weekend inc April 10th
Hopefully trip to Worms

Saturday May 15th, St Barnabas

Saturday June 26th, St Barnabas
JOINT CONCERT with Ealing Choral Society, inc Beethoven Ninth

Sunday in July? St Mary’s Perivale

– – Summer break if nothing extra – –



Download the full season programme for 2019/20 as at 14/1/20 from here. Here are the latest AGM minutes, and the ESO’s Constitution.