George Lloyd Symphonies

George Lloyd Symphonic Cycle – A World’s First

2019 – 2030

We’re very excited to announce the start of the first ever Symphonic Cycle by the British 20th century composer, George Lloyd.

Lloyd, a native of Cornwall, was one of the group of British composers overlooked during the 50s and 60s, now experiencing something of a Renaissance thanks to the dedication of his supporters and the staging of performances such as those recently given by the Ealing Symphony Orchestra.

A loyal band of followers that include Radio 3’s Petroc Trelawny and the Daily Telegraph columnists Simon Heffer and Ivan Hewitt, are seeing to it that his works are more greatly appreciated for their evocation of war, particularly at sea (the 4th Symphony) reflecting the horrific experience of nearly drowning in a ship’s engine room, their humorous take on the early silent movies (the 1st Symphony), and the joy of Cornish folk music (the 6th Symphony).

Our Cycle started with the 1st Symphony in January 2019, and will feature all 12 of his symphonies, as well as his 4th Piano Concerto. Our Cycle will finish in 2030/31 by which time we’re certain that his music will be a fixture on the British music scene. While we have performed Symphonies No 4 and 6 previously we will be taking them on again for this Cycle! Simon Heffer of The Telegraph reviewed our performance of the 4th Symphony – read a copy of the article here.

Our Conductor, John Gibbons, is a passionate supporter of George Lloyd, and has been greatly encouraged (but not surprised) by the warm reception that Lloyd’s symphonies have had from Ealing audiences. John has also conducted Lloyd’s symphonies with the Worthing Symphony Orchestra and the Northampton Symphony Orchestra.

The aspect that most encourages him is the combined effect of hearing music live and the works of a neglected composer coming to life, and seeing the look of astonishment it creates in audiences.

It is through ventures such as this that the ESO has developed its reputation as one of the finest non-professional orchestras in the country, drawing the attention of critics and British music fans alike.


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We are grateful to the support that the George Lloyd Society has given the orchestra and this Cycle. Visit The George Lloyd Society Web site